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This paper introduces the classification of automatic packers according to their structural characte

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The packing machine is suitable for the automatic packing and binding of various kinds of goods such as carton packing, paper packing and so on in food, medicine, hardware and other industries.

Classification by structural characteristics

① Basic automatic packaging machine. It is suitable for all kinds of industries of strapping machine, its table height is suitable for standing operation. It is mainly used in binding, small packaging, such as cartons, calcium plastic boxes, books and periodicals.

② Side mounted automatic packing machine. The joint part of the packing belt is carried out on the side of the package, and the table surface is low. It is suitable for packing large or polluting packaging parts. If rust prevention treatment is added, water products and pickled products can be bundled; If dust prevention measures are added, packing parts with more dust can be bundled.

③ Pressure automatic packing machine. For soft and elastic products such as leather, paper products, needle cotton fabrics, etc., in order to make the binding tight, it is necessary to press and compress before binding. The pressure mode is divided into two types: air pressure and hydraulic pressure.

④ Fully automatic packer for opening and closing track. The belt rail frame can be opened and closed in horizontal or vertical direction, which is convenient for the placement of various cylindrical or ring packaging parts, and then the track is closed and tied.

⑤ Horizontal track automatic packer. Its belt track is arranged horizontally, and the packing parts are tied horizontally. It is suitable for horizontal lashing such as pallet packaging.

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